OpenBeans Store

There are many ways you can help OpenBeans and allow further enhancements to OpenBeans and more upstream work.

Support via Patreon

The most simple way to financially show your support is via Patreon.

Donate via BitCoin

You can also donate BitCoins to 3PTgTXyZFcCY1GqJpVukrorx1rzrGxYNpN

For more complex billing you can purchase a license bellow.

Commercial license for your organization

OpenBeans IDE license
€ 49.90 / user / year

Other services

Support contract for your Platform application

If you are developing a desktop application on top of the OpenBeans Platform or the NetBeans Platform you might want a direct line to somebody working on the codebase all day. Email for a quote.

Bug or feature bounty

Do you have a bug that's been bothering your workflow since forever? Do you need a feature to be more productive? Email for a quote.